Ocucan, the product
range that provides
gentle care for
your pet's
eyes and ears

Extending our eye care expertise to reach your pets

Ocucan is a product range designed to care for the eyes and ears of your pets with no risk of irritation. The seed of the Ocucan project was sewn in 2010 by the Disop company.

Disop are manufacturers of eye health products and contact lens care solutions with a sound reputation in the optical-pharmaceutical world, having pioneered in the use of hyaluronic acid in their formulas. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizing agent with regenerative and anti-oxidant properties that is widely used in sanitary and cosmetic products. It can be found naturally in the eyes of mammals, including humans, meaning it is a bio-compatible substance that does not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

The Ocucan range is the outcome of adapting the formulas that proved effective in treating human conditions to the specific characteristics of the animal world. They are produced under the same strict conditions of sterility and purity as our sanitary products, which means they are free from potentially irritating or aggressive components.

The Ocucan family currently comprises three products:

Ocucan Toby, a cleansing saline solution containing hyaluronic acid. Its pH and tonicity are similar to a natural tear’s. It can be used when the animal's eyes are open.

Ocucan Rufus, moisturizing drops with hyaluronic acid providing hydration against for dry eye syndrome.

Ocucan Rex, a surfactant, non-irritant, pH-neutral solution ear cleaner free from essences and parabens.