Audican is an ideal ear cleaner for regularly cleaning your dog's ears

Audican is a product that safely cleans your dog's ears. Its components are easily tolerated and help reduce excessive amounts of ear wax. The pH of Audican Ear Cleaner is similar to that of the skin within a dog's ears which means it does not cause irritation.

Audican Ear Cleaner contains a minimum amount of preservatives which guarantees the product can be used for a long period of time and also means the formula is easily tolerated. It contains no aggressive substances, such as parabens, perfume, alcohol or essences, that may cause irritation.


  • Audican can be used on healthy dogs once a week and should be used at least once a fortnight.
  • It can also be used in clinics to clean a dog's ears before these are examined and it is an excellent adjuvant in the event of ear infection or inflammation. This product can also be used to flush foreign bodies out of the ears.

Directions for Use

Cleaning the outer ear: Use a few drops of Audican to moisten a piece of gauze and gently clean the folds and furrows, starting on the inside of the ear and then moving out.

Cleaning the outer ear canal: Gently place the dropper inside the ear canal and apply a sufficient amount of the product. Lightly massage the base of the ear to boost Audican's emulsifying effect. Your pet will shake its ears to discharge any excess product. Lastly, use a piece of gauze to dry the skin inside the outer part of the ear.

Frequency of Use

As its components can be easily tolerated, and due to its preventive effects, Audican should be used once a week to ensure your dog's ears are kept properly clean.

In the event Audican is used to clean the ear before applying antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, etc., it is a good idea to speak to your veterinarian beforehand to find out how frequently the product should be used.


180 ml. ergonomic container.