Dogs should wash their eyes every morning too

Eyes are a very sensitive organ and they are constantly exposed to dirt and the threat of germs from the floor.

Keeping a dog's eyes clean should be part of your everyday pet care routine. Just as they need to go out for a walk every day, play and socialise with other dogs, they also need us to take care of their eyes. Washing your dog's eyes every day means they are less likely to get an eye infection.

There are certain species of dogs that need extra special eye care. Dogs with bulging eyes surrounded by creases (such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs, shih tzus, Pekinese and chow-chows) will need a more thorough wash to remove all the dirt that gathers in those wrinkles.

Dogs with white fur (Maltese, poodles, bichons and others) tend to develop tear marks around their eyes, which can be easily avoided by using a specific cleaner on a daily basis.

These marks around their eyes are due to the fact that fungi and bacteria thrive on the moisture in the eye area.

One way of preventing those marks from forming is to regularly apply an eye cleaning solution such as Ocucan Toby, which has been formulated with the same pH and tonicity as your dog's natural tears, as well as containing hyaluronic acid. Using Ocucan Toby significantly helps to keep your pet's eyes in perfect hygienic condition, preventing bacteria and fungi from settling. What's more, the tests carried out on the product's disinfectant capacity have proven its efficacy against germs, which are the cause of those dark marks.

The reasons for using eye cleaner on a daily basis are not just visual - it is also highly advisable for your dog's eye health as it relieves the symptoms linked to deficient tear drainage and poor tear quality.

A dog without tear marks is a good-looking dog!

Rheum or sleep can form in your dog's eyes when tears evaporate. This rheum is really just the remains of the tear once the water evaporates.

Ocucan Toby softens your dog's rheum and makes it easy to remove without causing any pain or discomfort, providing instant relief.

... and cats also appreciate a little help cleaning their eyes.

Cats spend a lot of time grooming and washing themselves, but there are certain areas like their eyes where they need a helping hand. That is why removing their rheum is so important and should be done on a regular basis.

Persian cats, who have long fur near their eyes, require daily eye washes to prevent infections.

Not anything will do to clean your dog's or cat's eyes properly. Using water, for instance, is not the best idea because it does not have the same pH or tonicity as your pet's tears and can cause irritation.

Cleaning your pet's eyes is easy and will only take you a few minutes.

Ask your vet about the best way to complete your four-legged friend's daily eye care routine.