Ocucan Moisturising Drops: eye hydration for dogs

Ocucan Drops are moisturising drops with hyaluronic acid to prevent eye irritation and the risk of infection associated with the lack of tears in dogs.

Ocucan Drops moisturise the eyes and restore proper tear film balance in dogs. The hyaluronic acid in its formula helps retain water and adhere the tear film to the corneal epithelium. The viscoelastic properties of these drops cause them to be activated by blinking, resulting in a long-lasting effect. Unlike other moisturisers, the hyaluronic acid remains in the eye for several hours.

The formula of Ocucan Drops is adapted to the tonicity and pH of your dog’s tears. This product has been packaged under sterile conditions and its ingredients are totally compatible with your dog’s tears.

The preservative contained in the formula is harmless to dogs’ eyes and ensures that the properties of the product remain intact throughout its shelf life.

How to use Ocucan Drops

For preventive use, apply several drops to each eye twice a day or as recommended by your veterinarian, making sure that your dog’s eyes are open so that the product enters the conjunctival sac.

Ocucan Moisturising Drops are registered as an animal health product, specifically for use in animals and for sale in veterinary clinics.

Format: 15 ml