Dogs should also wash their eyes every morning

Cleaning your dog’s eyes should form part of the daily care of your pet. In the same way that we have to take them out for a walk every day, play with them or clean their ears, dogs also need us to take care of cleaning their eyes.

We are responsible for their daily hygiene, and these cleaning habits should include looking after their eyes every day, as they are the organs most sensitive to dirt and attack from microorganisms that might be living on the ground.

Cleaning our dog’s eyes once a day reduces the risk of the animal catching an eye infection.

But not anything can be used for cleaning dogs' eyes properly. Water, for example, is not the best thing to use as it does not respect neither the pH nor tonicity of the animal's tears and could therefore irritate its eyes.

Ocucan eye cleaner is a product, that has been specifically designed to treat dogs’ eyes, providing them with the necessary daily hygiene and care, without being aggressive.

Ocucan eye cleaner is on sale in veterinary clinics.

Ask your vet about the best way to clean your dog’s eyes every day.