Goodbye to brownish stains around your dog’s eyes

The stains on the area around dogs’ eyes are due to a possible proliferation of fungi and bacteria in this damper area.

Dogs are usually in contact with soil and dirt on the ground and this, together with excessive tear secretion, may make those nasty brownish stains appear around their eyes.

One way to prevent these stains from appearing is by applying an eye cleaning solution such as Ocucan eye cleaner made up of a formula adjusted to the pH and tonicity of your dog's tear and also containing hyaluronic acid. The daily use of Ocucan eye cleaner helps to keep your pet’s eyes perfectly clean and makes it difficult for bacteria and fungi to grow. In addition, product disinfectant capacity tests have shown its efficacy against the pathogenic microorganisms responsible for the appearance of these stains.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, the daily use of the eye cleaner is also recommended to make your dog’s eyes healthier and alleviate the symptoms associated with deficiencies in tear drainage or quality.